TILCA- peer-reviewed teaching modules

The peer-reviewed journal TILCA (Teaching Italian Language and Culture Annual) has begun publishing its 2017 volume (http://tilca.qc.cuny.edu) including original research, an interview and a book review; as an annual journal, the 2017 volume will close at year’s end. 
TILCA has also just published an initiative new to the field: peer-reviewed teaching modules(e.g., http://tilca.qc.cuny.edu/?page_id=146). To the best of our knowledge, this new format is unique in the field of Italian Studies and will help emphasize and give publication credit for excellent teaching materials and practices. 
The peer-reviewed teaching modules initiative of TILCA seeks to:
1. Promote innovative teaching modules that are based on class experience and in findingsrooted in Second Language Acquisition;
2. Create a dialogue about effective approaches and materials;
3. Share materials that have been approved by our editorial committee;
4. Recognize the dynamic nature of our field and to stay current with reference to (tech) innovations

For more information write to:
Anthony J. Tamburri - General Editor
Tom Means - Co-editor
Roberto Dolci - Co-Editor