Download and feel free to use and disseminate this brochure in order to promote AP Italian Language and Culture Courses and Exam.

Become an Effective Advocate in 8 easy steps. From CAL Centre for Applied Lingustics

Start Italian in your School. Kit prepared by Maria Guarrera Wilmeth in 2003 for Copilas. This is a more recent version modified in 2006. Even though is need to be modified again and the reference are not available anymore, it is still a great tool for promoting Italian in US Schools. 

Some examples written in order to promote the study of Italian Language in the USA

Why Study Italian Today? Lake Eire College

Why Study Italian?   Emory University

The Wonders of Studying Italian a powerpoint presentation made by a student of


ADVOCACY - Be an advocate for Language Education. The page about Advocacy mantained by ACTFL. 

Are we prepared for jobs of the future? A video on the importance of teaching Intercultural Competence and Foreign Languages

Writing Legislators: Writing Suggestions; Sample Letter.  From the IFLTA Advocay

What the Research Shows. What does research show about the benefits of language learning? From ACTFL Advocacy page

Promoting a Language Proficient Society: What you can do. From CAL- Center for Applied Linguistics


Presentation on AP Italian prepared by the Local Observatory of the TRI-STATE Area.