SEQUENZE - Italian Through Contemporary Film - New Film Textbook

If you’re looking for an untraditional textbook, Sequenze might just be your answer. “This textbook is a breath of fresh air,” says Alessia Blad, Associate Lecturer & Coordinator of Italian Language courses at the University of Notre Dame.


The 232-page, illustrated textbook offers deep analyses of short clips carefully selected from 10 award-winning, 21st century Italian films. Its 10 units provide discussion of contemporary Italian society including influence of the church, changes in society, politics, immigration, unemployment, and the pervasive influence of commercial TV. Pre-viewing and post-viewing exercises compliment each unit along with original literature and grammar explanation. “...The strength of this book for intermediate to advanced courses is undoubtedly in its multiple approach to the teaching of Italian through cinema and of Italian cinema through language,” says Clarissa Clò, Director of the Italian Studies Program
at San Diego State University.  Colleen M. Ryan, Professor Italian at Indiana University adds, “Sequenze is rich, varied, engaging, and fun. Top quality, contemporary films provide the authentic language and culture foundation for grammar review, skills development, and intercultural learning.  Written with a fluid and accessible style, the text offers a vibrant set of intermediate-level units to use individually or as a whole course.”


The 10 films covered in Sequenze include:  Buongiorno, notte, Giorni e nuvole, Habemus papam, Il capitale umano, Io sono Li, La grande bellezza, La ragazza del lago, Le chiavi di casa, Mine vaganti, and Ricordati di me. “Sequenze’s films fosters an innovative and intellectually stimulating learning experience for advanced students while providing a flexible and compelling format for instructors. The excellent film selection, contemporary and beyond the usual suspects, introduces fresh and engaging topics for discussion and analysis. The thoughtful pedagogical activities, appealing and well designed, promote language acquisition and cultural competency. Both students and teachers will appreciate Sequenze’s rich and exciting approach to language learning through film,” says Piero Garafalo, Associate Professor of Italian Studies at the University of New Hampshire.​


Sequenze was developed by Elisa Dossena, Italian Language Lecturer at Princeton University and a native of Busto Arsizio (Lombardy) and Silvia Dupont, a Florence native who currently teaches Italian at Newtown North High School in Newton, MA. The new textbook is published by Edizioni Farinelli, it’s third textbook now available for Italian Instruction. The other two are: Mosaici: Snapshots of Contemporary Italian Life and Scrivi bene!: Writing Effectively in Italian.  



A separate Soluzioni/Teacher’s Guide for Sequenze is also available.


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SEQUENZE Italian Through Contemporary Film

ISBN 978-1-937923-19-8



Soluzioni: Sequenze

ISBN 978-1-937923-20-4



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